The Japanese had lived for a year with a dead wife

 Японец целый год жил с мертвой женой

In the Japanese Prefecture of Fukuoka 74-year-old pensioner more than a year buried his wife, who died in October 2017.

After the death of his wife 74-year-old Okuda Esipisu continued to live near her remains. To muffle the smell of decay, he surrounded the body with air fresheners,reports Lenta.

When the house of an elderly Japanese man decided to carry, he left his wife’s body and left. The body was discovered by workers who inspect premises. They reported the find to the police. After that, Esipisu arrested.

As it turned out, during the life of the woman did not have documents that certify her identity. She did not register the marriage officially and lived on the pension of Esipisu.

In 2017, it was reported that an American from Chicago during the month ignored his wife’s death. According to him, he noticed a strange smell in her bedroom, but decided not to check what happened.