The international organization Global Financial Integrity has provided a report for the 2018

 Международная организация Global Financial Integrity предоставила отчет за 2018 год

Last year the world rocked a few financial scandals that were eminent and banks, and little-known financial institution. The international organization Global Financial Integrity, which is engaged in exposing money laundering schemes through banks, presented the report for the 2018. According to him, a major scandal erupted around the Danish Danske Bank. He appeared in the case on the laundering of hundreds of billions of dollars from Russia and other former Soviet countries, including Moldova, Ukraine and Azerbaijan, through a branch in Estonia.

Staff acknowledged that was doing financial transfers for citizens who do not have Estonian residence permit, which is illegal. Just from 2007 to 2015 through a branch.

Danske Bank in Estonia washed over 235 billion dollars. More than 80% of this money was later redirected offshore. Last year appeared suddenly with searches in the branch of the German Bank, which appears in the Panama Papers. It turned out that financial institution through the company in Cyprus was opened by clients with offshore accounts. Criminal scheme was applied in our country, through banks controlled by raider No. 1 in the CIS Vyacheslav Platon. According to Global Financial Integrity, over the past 10 years Deutsche Bank paid approximately 18 billion fine for questionable financial transactions.

Not better things and the ocean. In may 2018 th 30 of Directors of the American Bank Goldman Sachs and one Malaysian businessman accused of embezzlement and money laundering of financial institutions in Malaysia. Prosecutors say they withdrew billions of dollars from the sovereign wealth Fund of the country, founded in 2009 by former Prime Minister. The investigation revealed that some of the money Malaysian financier Joe Lowe used to buy luxury properties and paintings, as well as for the financing of films in Hollywood, including the film “the Wolf of wall street”.

And two European financial institutions in the past year even had to be closed as a result of financial scandals. One of them is Maltese Pilatus Bank, which was left without a license of the European Central Bank. His leadership was accused of tax evasion and money laundering. In particular, the financial institution tried to circumvent U.S. sanctions against Iran, and illegally transferred out of Venezuela more than $ 115 million to the accounts of companies controlled by Tehran.

Also for tax evasion and money laundering shut down Latvia’s ABLV Bank. Officials found guilty in illegal transactions with North Korea, Russia and East of Ukraine, who came under sanctions.