The interest of the Kremlin to influence the Ukrainian situation will not go away – analyst

Интерес Кремля влиять на украинскую ситуацию никуда не делся – политолог

The political effect of the introduction of Russia’s sanctions against Ukraine will be more than economic.

The correspondent of ГолосUA announced Director of information policy centre “Prospect” Pavel Rudyakov.

The economic effect of the introduction of Russia’s sanctions against Ukraine, is likely to be much smaller than the political, the analyst said.

“I think the economic impact for us will be less than political. From an economic point of view, it’s interesting to see the sanctions list those who got there. We are not talking only about the big companies. There are presented companies of all kinds, including medium-sized companies. Can be introduced restrictive measures on the import of Ukrainian goods to the territory of Russia” – suggested Mr. Rudyak.

The analyst explained that he personally took the story of Russian sanctions as a commercial proposition in the political sphere, not economic.

“We can talk about what Russia is proposing to open consultations, whom to include and whom not to include in the electoral list. The political component is that the names in the sanctions list can “reduce” the number of presidential candidates, reformat the entire pool of candidates”, – said A. Rudyakov.

The analyst added that Poroshenko, of course, will not touch it. Thus, Mr. Akhmetov may become more amenable to enterprises conditional camp South-East.

“Of course, the interest of the Kremlin to influence our situation will not go away. Not incurring into our territory, they can influence people who can understand the signals associated with their property. Will be a certain demonstration effect. Some political figures will be of interest. It is known that, for example, Mr. Lutsenko has a good estate in the Crimea. By the way, now Lutsenko of the main newsmakers became one of the silent ones”, – concluded the analyst.



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