The inhabitants of Siberia to resettle in Crimea: what was invented in Russia

Жителей Сибири переселят в Крым: что придумали в России

Russia is going to colonize the Crimea is annexed by the inhabitants of Siberia, in connection with national commercial Bank of the Russian Federation has already initiated a program for lending.

As reported by “the Crimea.Reality,” this information was provided by the head of the Directorate of mortgage lending MCB Sergey Shifrin.

“The Bank considers Siberia as one of the key Federal districts for the flow of customers and a promising direction for development. The base rate for Siberians is 11.5% – and it will be the same for primary and secondary residences and will not change depending on initial payment”, – quotes the edition Shifrin.

In turn, the Chairman of the Commission of the Russian Guild of realtors Gennady Sternik explained that occupied the Peninsula became popular among Russians, who “want to live there”. According to him, the inhabitants of Siberia offer enough best bet to buy a home in the Crimea.

“To move to the Peninsula – the dream of every common man. Not to say that a lot of people moved to the Crimea, it is impossible, but the flow went, and his pace will increase,” he said.

The President of the Association of realtors “the real Estate of Sevastopol” Gregory Apresov also told us that during the four years of occupation the city’s population increased 1.5 times, but many simply rented housing.

“Those who come from Russia, give a mortgage Russian banks: VTB, “Sberbank”. Requirements related to the General income of the family with the first installment of 30-50%”, – he explained.