The inflation rate from the state statistics Committee does not provide a clear picture about the economic situation – the economist

Показатель инфляции от Госкомстата не дает четкого представления об экономической ситуации – экономист

The rate of inflation, which gives the State statistics service of Ukraine, does not give a clear idea about the economic situation in the country.

About it the comment to the correspondent, ГолосUA said economist Boris Kushniruk.

“I can’t dispute the data that gives the state statistics Committee. You need to understand the issues. It consists in the fact that the calculation of the index of consumer prices (namely about this figure is talking NBU) calculated from the consumer basket. Now, the problem is that this basket is filled with an average across the country in relation to all segments of the population”, – said the economist.

According to Boris Kushniruk, at the same time, it is necessary to allocate at least 4 social groups of the population for whom the consumer basket will differ significantly.

“And in this case, the rate of inflation for these 4 groups will be different. Because they are spending on certain goods and services will be completely different. First and foremost, you need to talk about what we don’t understand (I’m not talking only about government but also about the expert environment), the real level of consumer prices than the average level of temperature in the ward, and from the point of view of those social groups that exist in the country. This rate of inflation should give an idea about the economic situation,” he said.

We will remind, the national Bank reports that inflation by the end of 2018 was below the forecast of the regulator. This is stated in the message NBU.
“Consumer inflation slowed from 13.7% in 2017 to 9.8% in 2018, according to the Committee. This indicates the reversal of the trend of inflation, which was observed in 2017, and the weakening of fundamental inflationary pressure on the Ukrainian economy. It happened primarily due to the tight monetary policy of the National Bank”, – stated in it.