The incident has tried to hide: the host of “Dancing with the stars” went a joke in the air (VIDEO)

Инцидент попытались скрыть: Ведущий «Танцев со звездами» пошло пошутил в эфире (ВИДЕО)

The fifth edition of the program “s Dances with stars” on channel “1+1” was not without controversial aspects. One of them was leading a controversial joke on “star balcony” Vladimir Ostapchuk in the address of one of the participants of the show, which hastened to cut videos for YouTube.

About it reports the observer.

However, the vulgar remark of the leader, apparently, are unable to remove from the full video broadcast of the fifth, which was published on the YouTube channel a few hours later.

It all started with the observations of judge Catherine Kuhar, who, commenting on the speech of the actor Pavel Vishnyakov and Yulia sakhnevich, delved into dance technique.

“You are a little upset with his first position – asked Kuchar to a pair. In classical dance the first position should be slightly below the level of the solar plexus. And your siony leave much to be desired…”

The word “season” seemed to Vladimir Ostapchuk appropriate for jokes in communication with a couple of “star balcony” (the season – welcome to the dance: step, do priskokom – Ed.).

“I congratulate you on this incredible performance, this is an incredible story… Grades, by the way, soon, but with sizename it’s OK, I close seen,” said Ostapchuk, putting on Yulia sakhnevich.

Shortly after the speech pairs on the YouTube channel, the show took the video with the room however the “joke” about Sioni of it was removed.

Recall that the actor Pavel Vishnyakov, which judges and viewers of the show “Dances with stars z” called the clear favorite of season 5 for the first time commented on the rumors about the affair with partner Yulia sakhnevich.

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