The immunologist told how spices can support the body when dealing with seasonal viruses

Иммунолог рассказал, как специи могут поддержать организм при борьбе с сезонными вирусами

To maintain immunity, experts advise to reduce salt intake and use in cooking, aromatic spices and natural seasonings.

The correspondent of ГолосUA said immunologist Lyudmila Petrova.

“Spicy seasonings such as black pepper or chili, help the body to fight against seasonal viruses and adverse external factors. In addition, they help the body warm in the cold. “Bitter” peppers are also useful for vessels.

On the antiviral properties of garlic is probably known to everyone. If the situation allows, don’t ignore this Supplement to dishes. Garlic instantly strengthens the immune system, because it actively stimulates the production of lymphocytes . In addition, the garlic contain some unique connection, which are not found in any other plant. Thanks to them, garlic actively kills viruses and harmful bacteria” – said immunologist.

To fight infections and strengthen the immune system help also warming drinks from herbs with rose hips or lemon and a few pinches of grated ginger or cinnamon.

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