The husband of Natasha Koroleva in their underwear revealed the secret of a beautiful body

Муж Наташи Королевой в одном исподнем показал секрет красивого тела

Husband Ukrainian singer Natasha Koroleva stripper Tarzan (Sergey Glushko) told fans of the secret of a beautiful body. He did it, however, leaving clothes, some pants – apparently in order to demonstrate the result of exercise, writes Glavred.

Candid video, the actor shared on his page in Instagram. As it turned out to look slimmer after eating is necessary to cling to a vertical subject matter, and a minute to stand with their hands up. Tarzan all the time kept in the video your pants – in the description of the video he explained why.

“Little tricks from Tarzan. PS. Hand holding panties to the firm, not a PR. And then sfotalas here recently… Accidentally hit brand one in the frame, so distributors immediately I screw up around the Internet,” – said Tarzan.

Subscribers Glushko responded differently to the video is: some protested the bare form of a 48-year-old artist, another demonstration of the Council in his underpants like.

“Titi more than me”, “Serge, when you’re anything clever for a man will do or say?!! Well, an aging Tarzan and still stupid, it’s really not comme Il faut. And the breast of a maiden. Sorry, I don’t want to offend, but these are the facts, work on yourself”, “that’s junk!”, “Even very nice, if you have something to show,” wrote nick.