The hunter and the ice queen (TF1) : why Kristen Stewart is not in the film

Le chasseur et la reine des glaces (TF1) : pourquoi Kristen Stewart n'est pas dans le film

Star of the first film, Snow White and the huntsman, Kristen Stewart does not, however, in the casting of the sequel, The hunter and the ice queen, which aired this evening on TF1. It tells you why.

In 2012, Kristen Stewart had just come out of the saga Twilight which has made it popular in the world. Before turning to film copyright, under the direction of Olivier Assayas or Woody Allen, she accepts another large-scale project : Snow White and the huntsman. In this new adaptation of the famous tale by the brothers Grimm, the young actress embodies the character of the famous princess. On its release, the film was surprised by its darkness, but it had mostly been talking to him for a reason, extra-cinematic. Indeed, on the set of, Kristen Stewart had an affair with the film’s director Rupert Sanders. A relationship that had made the revel of the press people, and precipitated the end of her relationship with Robert Pattinson, her partner in Twilight.

Snow white and the huntsman has been a huge success, the studio Universal decided to quickly put a sequel in the works. Rupert Sanders preferring to devote himself to the remake of Ghost In The Shell, a different director is chosen. It is the French Cedric Nicolas-Troyon, second unit director on Snow White and the huntsman. Without Rupert Sanders behind the camera, the way seemed open for Kristen Stewart to resume her role of princess. However, the actress will not turn The hunter and the ice queen. What has happened in the past ? It is the young woman herself who will reveal this in an interview with the newspaper Variety : “I have met with Universal to talk with them about the story and from what she could tell. I’ve read a few scripts, and none of them was good enough.”

In any case, during the same interview, Kristen Stewart will ensure that it has not been pushed out of the film, as some media have suggested : “This is not a situation where I was ejected out of the film because I constituais a problem. We’ve talked about it for months for it to work, but we have never heard. May be that Chris Hemsworth was more packed. Honestly, I haven’t the faintest idea !” In fact, it is the interpreter of Thor who took the shot the first role of this suite. But, in the end, Kristen Stewart was rather the nose hollow as The hunter and the ice queen failed to win the same box office success as its predecessor…