The highest salaries in 2018 received pharmacists – state statistics service

Самые высокие зарплаты в 2018 году получали фармацевты - Госстат

The highest average salary in the industry of Ukraine during the whole of 2018 were received by employees of the pharmaceutical industry: 15 435 UAH in January to 18 075 UAH in December.

This is the website of the State statistics service of Ukraine.

It is noted that the average wage by type of activity “Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations” in January of last year amounted to 15 UAH 435 (when the average for the industry 8 310 UAH), and in December increased to 18 075 UAH (at the average for the industry this month 11 563 UAH).

In particular, the average salary for pharmaceutical manufacturers was higher than the average metallurgists and producers of medizdeliya (January 9 685 UAH Dec – 11 808 UAH) and the average salary of miners (respectively 10 and 13 978 UAH UAH 127).

In addition, according to the state statistics service, the pharmaceutical industry on 1 January 2019 had the lowest among the industries of Ukraine’s wage arrears – a total of 39 thousand UAH.

For comparison, the total amount of wage arrears in the industry at that date amounted to 2.09 billion UAH in Ukraine overall – 2,645 billion.

Recall, even the highest Ukrainian salaries are small in comparison with the European. Salaries paid in Ukraine are much lower European and, therefore, Ukrainian companies face a shortage of qualified personnel, which increasingly go abroad in search of higher earnings.