The Great attack of the train of gold (Arte) : Sean Connery-t-he even performed some of his stunts ?

La Grande attaque du train d'or (Arte) : Sean Connery a-t-il lui même réalisé ses cascades ?

True classic adventure movie, The Great attack of the train of gold is staging a Sean Connery leaping, who did his own stunts on a train launched at full speed. A stories among others…

Actors stuntmen
This is one of the most remarkable and impressive of this attack a train carrying gold bullion intended to pay the English troops fighting in the Crimea at the end of the 19th century. Many actors have directed themselves to the many stunts of the film, especially the chase scenes on the roof of the train. Among them, the starring Sean Connery, had just gotten out of his period as James Bond. Also in the casting, the English Wayne Sleep has not been too hard to run a few somersaults, he who was a professional dancer before becoming an actor.

A historical fact
The steering on the London – Oostende has really taken place in 1855, and it is considered to be the first hold-up rail history. But the film is mostly adapted from the novel A Train of gold from the Crimea by Michael Crichton, published in 1975. It is the author himself who carries the film. The book, and therefore its adaptation, to take, however a lot of liberty with the historical reality.

A shooting at any speed
For the sake of realism, the scenes of the train were all done on a real steam engine, consisting of a locomotive and several wagons of goods complementary, which was a camouflage for another locomotive, diesel, to increase the speed of the whole. While the train was moving at 55 km/h, Sean Connery remarked that it seemed to him that this speed was well above this figure. An estimate confirmed by measurements carried out with a helicopter going at the same speed as the train : approximately 90 km/h !

Director injured
For Michael Crichton, shooting his fourth film behind the camera has not been any rest. The director is in fact injured while filming, in the steam locomotive, some embers had reached and set fire to his hair !