The goalkeeper of Karpaty Mykyta Shevchenko: All consists of trifles – someone out there didn’t, someone here… – news ZIK.UA

Воротар «Карпат» Микита Шевченко: Все складається з дрібниць – хтось там не добіг, хтось тут... – новини ZIK.UA

In the match with Vorskla, Karpaty debuted goalkeeper Mykyta Shevchenko. At the last minute newbie “Carpathians” failed to save “the lions” from a missed goal.

About your emotions Nikita Shevchenko said after the match Information centre of FC “Karpaty”.

– What did you lack to win? Just to score one more goal than. I believe that the game was a draw. The guys say that there is some evil fate – this half is not lucky for us. Last minute ricochet… it is Necessary to draw conclusions in the future to play better, that more is not repeated. Everything is made up of little things – someone out there didn’t, someone here…

– The mood, of course, is not the best?

– Of course, there may be some positive emotions. We had the advantage, controlled the ball, created chances and didn’t give anything to create a “Vorskla”. Only the standard and ricochet, after which the ball flew into the net.

– You recently signed a contract with the club. Grown accustomed to the partner?

– In principle, I knew all of them – are cooked in one pot. Talked with everyone, including the Legionnaires. Time to adapt not needed. The guys and staff I was well received, for which I am grateful to everyone.

– Karpaty missed the rebound. The chance to save the gate almost was not?

– Must watch video. Perhaps the chance was… it All happened so fast. Don’t have time to react. You have to look and figure out what I could have done better in this episode.

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