The girl has escaped from the killer of her parents after three months of captivity

Девочка сбежала от убийцы ее родителей после трех месяцев заточения

In the American state Wisconsin was found 13-year-old Jamie Kloss, who disappeared from his home in the town of Barron’s October 15, 2018. Girl went missing after unidentified persons shot and killed her parents – a 46-year-old Denise and 56-year-old James. Moreover, the nature of the murder was reminiscent of the penalty, the newspaper writes “Facts”.

The police and FBI unsuccessfully searched the girl for three months. However, no clues to finding the killer and kidnapper of the child was not. It was assumed that Jamie is no longer alive. However, the schoolgirl managed to escape from the offender. She jumped with a request for assistance to the first met person – the woman who was walking her dog. She immediately recognized her: photos of missing Jamie showed on TV. The girl was very emaciated and dirty and was “like a Ghost”. On the feet claws were men’s shoes.

All this time the child was kept in a secluded cabin in the woods – about an hour drive from the home of her parents. Jamie has already been delivered to the relatives, who never ceased to hope for his salvation. Suspect in double homicide and kidnapping was arrested. He was a young man just over 20 years. Details of imprisonment is not given.