The girl dropped a Thriller based on the search of her boyfriend (VIDEO)

Девушка сняла триллер по мотивам поиска своего парня (ВИДЕО)

A resident of the United States 21-year-old Paulina ramírez made my boyfriend a star while he was sleeping.

Video Paulina posted on his Twitter page, reports “Correspondent”.

The girl mounted the video, in which we discussed what could “disappear” her boyfriend.

Girl with her boyfriend George Giron discussed via SMS where to go at night, but the beloved has stopped responding to messages. The American was bored and she decided to have a little fun and at the same time show what happens when you guys are not going to beat the girls attention.

Pauline edited the video, which suggested where could disappear her boyfriend. The video is accompanied by classical music in the style of a Thriller. In the video scared girl looking for ways to track your boyfriend, suggesting where he might be. After futile attempts she gets angry, and “Googles” as it is “kill”.

The movie is very liked by users and collected a lot of likes and positive reviews. Also in the comments Pauline is offered a job on video editing.