The Full Monty (Arte) : how to pass a strip-tease ? Here are a few golden rules !

The Full Monty (Arte) : comment réussir un strip-tease ? Voici quelques règles d'or !

Pass a strip-tease is not necessarily within the reach of everyone and it takes a bit of training. If you have planned to surprise your friends for your evening of 31 December, here are some tips to help you.

Willing to do a strip-tease as hot as in The Full Monty (as you will see tonight at 20h55 on Arte) ? But ignorant of the fundamentals to get there ? A tip : read Dare… strip-tease of Violeta Carpentier (Editions La Musardine). A practical book that gives you the basic tips to get started in a thinning been successful. Here are the basic rules for you ladies (but men may also give it a try). Attention : undress with elegance is a lot more complicated than it seems.

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The atmosphere

Opt for a diffused light, preferably red or orange. Avoid cold lights like blue or green.

Spread a nice smell as vanilla, cinnamon, red fruits.

Put a soft music and rather slow (especially if you are new in the exercise).

Push the furniture, remove the carpet and any other incidental soil that could hinder you. Violeta Carpentier recommends a free space of twelve to fifteen square meters.

Not need a bar to pole dance at home. A chair is amply sufficient for your show.

Be divine

Do — disguise-you (with emphasis either on the lips or on the eyes), perfume yourself, heal your skin (scrub, oil-sequined)… in Short, pamper you and put you in value.

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If you have short hair, add accessories to be able to remove them during the strip-tease. If you have long hair, opt for a top bun neglected, leaving a few strands at the nape of the neck : this is an erotic zone to reveal.

The author explains in his book : “A man is a man and in front of a naked woman, he loses his means ; you have total control”. So, take confidence.

The most important part : the outfit

Choose a lingerie coordinate (bra and thong/tanga/shorty-bound), instead of solid color simple : black and white, grey, brown, navy blue… Avoid the bright colors because the focus should be on you, not on the lingerie.

Wear shoes that are simple, with round ends, no loop or flange.

If you opt for lower, don’t take them too tight and do not mount too at the level of the buttocks.

Jackets, blouses and skirts are the clothes more appropriate.

Do not hesitate with accessories (scarves, belts, light…) : the show is to make the fun last as you take off your clothes. The more they remove, the better it is !

During the strip tease, the clothes come off gradually from the top to the bottom. Opposite rule for the blouse that opens from the bottom to the bottom

The false good ideas

The panties sheathing. Not sexy. At all.

The Full Monty (Arte) : comment réussir un strip-tease ? Voici quelques règles d'or !

Tights, knee socks, socks. Because they are not elegant to remove in the course of the choreography.

The dress. Because it is too fast to remove.

The t-shirt. Because it might screw up your hairstyle and your makeup. Avoid clothing that must pass through the head, stick to blouses.

Some gestures to try

In striptease, it was a tease. It is necessary to “turn on” your viewer by playing with his nerves : lower a shoulder strap of your bra, make believe that you are going to remove it… then put it back. Please do not hesitate to install an erotic tension for your benefit. And have fun ! In Dare to strip-tease, many years are detailed in the suggested to help you familiarize yourself with the art of the striptease. Violeta Carpentier offers a few gestures into a choreography sensual.

The ripple eight : is to move the pelvis by visualizing a figure eight lying

The sun : “Head to the wall and adossez-you-y ; déhanchez you and lift both your arms above your head with a gesture assured and fluid. Position yourself on the balls of the feet when removing your pelvis forward (only the top part of your back is resting on the wall) and pivot on your feet to find you squatting. At the same time, drop your arms to each side, outlining the shape of a sun. Once squatting, you must have the hands on each side of the body, arms tight. Start you up by performing the opposite movement.”

Know how to remove a skirt : “Déhanchez you and open the zipper. Bow forward, keeping the legs tight and tense, back arched and shoulders slightly back. Place your thumbs on the inside of the skirt and drag it up to mid-thigh. […] Let go of everything. Do not bend especially not the back, do you require a holding body strict and impeccable. When the skirt falls to the floor, straighten up and déhanchez you again.”

You can play now. And try not to fall !

The Full Monty (Arte) : comment réussir un strip-tease ? Voici quelques règles d'or !