The flu epidemic in France: more than a thousand dead

 Эпидемия гриппа во Франции: более тысячи погибших

From October 2018, the country began the flu epidemic. A viral disease caused the death of 1100 people.

The flu epidemic that swept France in October 2018 was the cause of the death of 1,100 people, reports The Local, citing the latest report of the national health authority,reports.

But the epidemic has not yet peaked, but has spread to all regions of the country. According to the rules adopted in France, the epidemic is declared when the for every 100,000 people there are 350 cases of the disease.

“All indicators of influenza grow – medical consultations, visits to emergency departments, hospitalization. Among the more than 12 thousand patients who were taken to emergency departments due to flu last week, more than 1,800 were hospitalized (+70% compared to the previous week),” reads a recent report by the national health authority Santé Publique France.

The flu epidemic is mainly caused by viruses A (H3N2) and A (H1N1). The first evaluation of the effectiveness of the vaccine indicate moderate effectiveness against A (H1N1) virus and the low against the virus A (H3N2). Often hospital beds were elderly, older than 75 years (43%), and children up to five years (15%).