The five leading candidates: the balance of power changes

Пятерка лидеров-кандидатов: расстановка сил меняется

Fund “Ukrainian policy” together with the research group of the Institute of marketing and consulting continue to work* on the study of public opinion before the presidential and parliamentary elections.

According to the poll, the elections are going to come for 53.8% of the respondents. Another 24.3 percent are undecided with their intentions, while 21.9% of respondents are not going to vote, reports

Пятерка лидеров-кандидатов: расстановка сил меняется

If elections were held next Sunday, the leader would be Vladimir Zelensky (12,8%). Sociologists clarify that a high level of support is situational and because of the unwillingness of the candidate to serious issues to the loss of some supporters.

On the second place – Yulia Tymoshenko (11.2 percent), the third — Petro Poroshenko (11,1%), 4-m — Oleg Lyashko (7.8 per cent).

On the face of the growth of a rating of Alexander Vilkul (5,7%) and a fall in the rating of Yuriy Boyko (5.5 percent).

Пятерка лидеров-кандидатов: расстановка сил меняется

*Survey conducted in 16 regional centers, 4 major cities, 11 small towns, and 22 towns and 27 villages. In this study respondents 5520 people (the error of +/- 2,5%).