The fattest cat in Britain a diet and are looking for a home

 Самая толстая кошка Британии села на диету и ищет дом

A cat named Mitzi, which is called one of the thickest in the UK, was in search of a new home. For the fifth time.

In previous years there were several attempts to find fluffy lady new owners. However, its four times to return to the shelter. All because she was a bad good with children and other animals, and yet, as is characteristic of some girls, has a very eccentric character, writes

“She’s a little grumpy girl, but with weight loss and more activity, this may change,” the Daily Mail quoted a volunteer shelter Lisa Darcy.

According to her, in the shelter of parting with excess weight occurs more difficult because volunteers can’t give her the amount of loads, that the power of the owners.

Now the cat is 8 years old. In 2017, she weighed 16 pounds (7 kg) is almost twice the norm. Now, following a strict diet, hairy beauty lost up to 12 pounds (about 5.5 kg). The volunteers admit that it looks so far, the “barrel”, but talking about the clearly emerging progress.

Veterinarians emphasize that a permanent change of residence has a negative impact on the condition of the animal. So this time the cat looking for a master who will be able to accept it once and for all.