The fate of the second round of elections will decide the balance of power in the group of candidates that in the Maidan were not involved – the analyst

Судьбу второго тура выборов решит расстановка сил в группе кандидатов, которые в Майданах не участвовали – политолог

The fate of the second round of the presidential elections in 2019 will decide the balance of power in the group of candidates that in the Maidan were not involved.

This commentary, ГолосUA said political analyst Alexei Yakubina.

“There is intrigue on the “antimicrobial field.” “Antimelanoma field” is a policy that the Maidan (in 2005 and 2014) are not supported. That is, the policy was not delivered speeches and spoke out against the agenda of the first and second. For example, not against Russia, and for the contacts with it. Not for Association with the EU now, and when it will be beneficial to the economy. So on this field is more than 20% of the electorate, this is a very large field. There is intrigue: we see that the highest rated candidate is Yuriy Boyko. The spin doctors had the idea that United’s key policy in this field, but we see a split in the “opposition bloc” to “Akhmeta” and “voykovskoy” part” – described the situation the analyst.

A. Yakubina said that candidates from “antimaydanovskogo field” intend to run for the presidency.

“We see that most of the politicians of this field will participate in the elections. In Addition To Boyko. He is the highest rated, but from the “Akhmeta” part for the presidency will fight A. Vilkul, E. Moore. So, if this group policy will not be a single candidate and because it is not clear whether Boyko to go in the 2nd round with Tymoshenko. It turns out that if it will be the single candidate, then the chances of it great in light of the fact that all the candidates trust rating above 20%. But if this field will be fragmented, there may be different nuances. That is why, I think, there will be intrigue to unite around one candidate. And if you want the forecast for the 2nd round of elections of the President of Ukraine, need to know, will this Association be formed or not,” concluded the analyst.

Note, January 29, 2019 Petro Poroshenko has declared the President of Ukraine on the elections of 2019.

The presidential elections scheduled for 31 March 2019.