The famous blogger has committed suicide because of a failed grafting (PHOTOS)

Знаменитая блогер покончила с собой из-за неудачной пластики (ФОТО)

Chinese surname Liu, host a videoblog, committed suicide after a failed plastic surgery.

This writes the South China Morning Post.

The day before to commit suicide, 23-year-old girl was rescued from a fire. Rescuers pulled her from the 18th floor of the building on fire. However, the girl protested against the fact that anyone saw her face.

It is known that the operation Liu did back in 2018. To her she was attractive, but this result wasn’t enough, and to attract more subscribers, she decided on plastic surgery.

But in the end the operation was unsuccessful, after which Liu has ceased to leave the house, but her boyfriend stopped her.

Currently, according to the publication, China’s plastic surgery at its peak. People strive for perfect appearance and go for this under the knife, risking to disfigure themselves.

Earlier, the “living Ken” 69 after plastic surgery was left with a crooked face.