The expert told how to get rid of a migraine without medication

Эксперт рассказал, как избавиться от мигрени без лекарств

If migraine is associated with fatigue or the weather change and not become so chronic that relieve the unpleasant symptoms will help simple and effective “folk” remedies.

The correspondent of ГолосUA said the doctor, Victoria Savitskaya.

Experts constantly warn that often take certain drugs without the prescription is not only dangerous to health but can cause exacerbation of ailments. Besides, most medicines have a negative effect on the liver and irritate the stomach, not to mention the fact that uncontrolled ingesting pain relievers, you run the risk to get used to them and then the dosage will have to increase to achieve the desired effect.

“Headaches relieve the unpleasant symptoms will help intense massage of neck, sideburns, nape and brow. Another effective method is to make a light scalp massage strokes from forehead to nape, then from the crown to the ears and from the crown to the nape, gradually descending to the neck.

After that should drink a glass of warm tea from peppermint, chamomile, St. John’s wort, hawthorn or oregano. If you have the opportunity to lie down and to lie with closed eyes at least 20 minutes, you should use it.

At home help relax a warm bath, and if the migraine catch you at work – try for a while to get some fresh air,” – said the expert.

Save migraine essential oils of lavender, lemon or peppermint.

Not be amiss to lubricate temples and nape menthol ointment.

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