The expert told how to act in case of poisoning of a child during the holidays

Эксперт рассказал, как действовать при отравлении ребенка в праздники

During the holidays the number of poisonings increases dramatically and, unfortunately, often suffer from them even small children, and it is for their body’s low-quality food, and their excessive number, especially dangerous.

This was stated by the correspondent of ГолосUA a gastroenterologist Miroslav Opryshko.

Despite numerous warnings of experts that the cakes, mayonnaise salads and other Goodies can be stored not more than 12 hours, the jelly-24, and holiday pastries – 36, the majority of Ukrainian families all hedgehog eats the remains of the dishes of the holiday table a few days. And if the adult is the decision – at your own risk, for a child this food can be deadly.

At the first sign of poisoning, especially if your child is over the past day had finished new year’s delicacies, parents should immediately call an ambulance.

“It’s one thing if the symptoms appear serious poisoning in an adult – he can make his own decision whether he wants to go to the hospital, and methods “aggressive” treatment a lot more for children, many of them just don’t fit. Because as soon as the first symptoms appear, an urgent need to call the pediatrician or the emergency room for a specialist to adequately assess the state of the baby and prescribe treatment. No traditional methods and experiments is uncalled for,” says the expert.

The child’s body is weakening faster, and in case of intoxication quickly comes dehydration, which can cause serious disturbances in the internal organs.

“Before the arrival of the doctor if the child’s condition is severe, you need to try to wash out the stomach and cause vomiting. Give children to drink several glasses of pure water and try

to put pressure on the tongue to release the stomach from food. Of course children will cry and be discouraged, but it is a necessary measure. Also parents should know that the method induce vomiting middle and index finger is very unsanitary and very dangerous – the child is already infected, and to ensure that on hand there for more bacteria, no one can. Better use a clean tea spoon,” advises the doctor.

In cleansing the stomach, you can also use club soda or a solution of manganese. But it is important to do this very carefully, because the walls of the stomach of the child is very sensitive.

“Some moms wanting to quickly help your child exceed the dosage of soda. It’s barbaric, because the walls of the digestive tract and already annoyed. One teaspoon in a glass of water is enough. Careful it is necessary to prepare a solution of manganese, because of insufficient dissolution of the crystals of manganese can burn mucous membranes. Therefore it is better first to dissolve the remedy in a little water, mix well and wait until settle and only then the right amount add in another Cup of clean water,” advises the specialist.