The expert told about the above for the manipulation of increased appetite

Эксперт рассказал об уловках для манипуляции повышенным аппетитом

Proper eating habits will help to control weight and get rid of excessive appetite.

The correspondent of ГолосUA said the dietician Lyudmila Babich.

The main rule of nutrition is to control what you eat, don’t chew on the move and has “nothing to do”. It is equally important to remove from sight any harmful food, and in vases on the table, if any, it is better to fill with candies or cookies, and fruit.

“Going into the kitchen for water and saw the bowl of colored candy, many people often allow themselves to eat a few chocolate bars, though originally the thought of them arose. Because from this table decoration is better to get rid of. It should also be throw out of office all box candy and chocolates, packs of biscuits – in such products, a lot of calories, and benefit from their use for the body is not” – said the doctor.

On appetite also influenced the colour of dishes from which you eat. The most “delicious” are considered red, yellow, and orange to buy such plates is not necessary, and in the kitchen it is advisable to avoid any interior parts such colours. And the most “unappetizing” experts believe the blue color and edemas. Because if you can’t control your appetite, buy a blue plate or blue, advised the expert.

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