The expert explained why the absence of a trump of Him and Mei in Davos did not affect the work of the WEF

Эксперт объяснил, почему отсутствие Трампа, Макрона и Мэй в Давосе не повлияло на работу ВЭФ

Absence at meetings of the world Economic Forum in Davos (WEF) leaders of the USA, France and the UK do not have any impact on the agenda of the days of the WEF, to unofficial meetings in the framework of this event.

This was stated by European Explorer Alexander Mitts in comments to the correspondent of ГолосUA.

According to the expert, in the meetings of the structures involved “other important guests is able to assess macroeconomic processes”.

“In particular, his vision for the financial future of the world expressed, for example, the managing Director of the International monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, billionaire bill gates, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the Duke of Cambridge Prince William – he stated. – Their performances have been able to fill the gap arising from the unwillingness or inability of some politicians to attend in Switzerland.”

As suggested by A. Mitts, in the foreseeable future, all who, for whatever reasons, arrived in Davos, will be able to hold an informal meeting outside of the fields of the WEF.

Recall, the world Economic Forum was launched on 21 January this year in Davos, Switzerland. The President of the United States Donald trump has ignored the summit on the so-called “shutdown” in the United States, the French presidency Emmanuel macron remained in Paris because of the threat of new riots, and the Prime Minister of Britain Theresa may prefer another preparation for entering London from the EU.