The expert explained why Putin will no longer be “naughty” in the sea of Azov

Эксперт объяснил, почему Путин больше не будет "шалить" в Азовском море

Russian political analyst Dmitry Oreshkin believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin will not be naughty in the sea of Azov, when side by side — in the Black sea are NATO forces.

The Russian leader — a man who deeply despises the different documents and the legal framework, he believes in the power and money, the expert said editor-in-chief.

According to him, when in the Black sea be American and even some destroyers, Putin bully will not, again because there is a significant difference in weight classes, and he understands.

“Ukraine is absolutely win-win position, because all the legal guarantees for all contracts of the Azov sea belongs to two States — Ukraine and Russia. Accordingly, the Kerch Strait belongs to two States,” — said the source.

“And as long as it is not on an international level, Putin could act in their own interests. But as soon as there will be international observers and destroyers that will shoot that, maybe even get a NATO mandate to control the situation, Putin will understand that he needs to retreat,” — said the expert.

Oreshkin added that if the sea is “hot” war or some kind of another attack of the Ukrainian ships, it will be for the Russian leader is counterproductive.

“Then immediately the European Union or even the UN General Assembly (because of boiling) can make a decision on international control,” — said the analyst.

“So Vladimir Putin will have to his teeth and to allow the passage of Ukrainian ships through the Kerch Strait, strongly shaking the nerves and scaring them”, — he said.

“I think that in the sea of Azov, NATO ships will not go, because they need to clear the path and to permit passage into this sea from Russia (because the two countries speak the sea), and Russia, of course, will not give permission. But, in any case, when side by side there is NATO, Putin is naughty will not” — says the source.