The expert called products, which should not be taken with alcohol

Эксперт назвал продукты, которые не стоит употреблять вместе с алкоголем

You should care not only about gifts and clothes, but also about their health, understanding the basic safety rules of drinking.

The correspondent of ГолосUA told by the dietician Lyudmila Babich.

The main rule of safe drinking is the sense of proportion and a mandatory appetizer. But it is worth while to know that the snack is not a panacea for ills. Enveloping a while the walls of the stomach, fat the product protects from intoxication, but he can not always is there and alcohol is meanwhile accumulating in the stomach and intestines, and at one point it all gets into the blood… also fatty foods increases the workload on the liver, and when she “tired”, and the food to be poorly absorbed, and the alcohol faster, “hit on the head”.

“The main rule of the consumption of alcohol, which everyone knows, but which few people comply with – drinks are not to be disturbed. Not less common mistake, which often has implications not only for health but for the health – mismatched appetizer. Unlike most European countries, in our worship, there is absolutely no consumption of alcohol from fine, specially selected for him snack.

Not suitable for heavy meals and spicy foods containing garlic, horseradish, onion, mustard, etc.— these products inhibit the oxidation of alcohol.

Sweets and cakes to eat alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited. And eat during feasts large quantities of sugary drinks, is not worth it. Alcohol and sugar are processed in practically the same principle, but first to process the body will begin sugar, because it is energetically more valuable, but the alcohol will be cleaved more slowly.

It is not necessary to serve as an appetizer and fried or marinated mushrooms. It is difficult for the body to food, besides, you probably know that they are digested by the stomach not the end. And yet the stomach will “Tinker” with mushrooms to break down alcohol, it will not” – says the doctor.