The expert assessed the prospects of a wider war with Russia

Эксперт оценил перспективы широкомасштабной войны с Россией

Sociologist, writer, author of “the Putin System” Igor eydman commented on the prospects of resolving the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, writes Glavred.

“To begin with, there is no “Russian-Ukrainian conflict”. When the Second world war, was not “German-Polish conflict”, and it was Germany’s attack on Poland. And now there is “the Russian-Ukrainian conflict” – there is the attack of Putin’s Russia in Ukraine”, – said the expert.

He was confident that no progress towards resolution of the problem for 2018 was not under Putin will not.

“Putin, Ukraine will not let go. For him, it’s obsession is to conquer the Ukraine, to put it in power their puppets. And he by all means will try to realize this obsession, while he was in power”, – said the sociologist.

According to him, “the Kremlin hopes Ukraine to take lukewarm – in the election, receiving of the Ukrainian President, who would have arranged it”.

“And if you now start active military actions, this is unlikely to be possible because it will lead to the annulment of the presidential elections and the collapse of the Kremlin hopes to bring to power a convenient candidate. And to full-scale war against Ukraine and its seizure of Putin is not ready,” said eidman.

He added: “But local war, for example, an attempt to lay a land corridor from Crimea to Russia is quite possible. But – not now. Because this will also lead to the cancellation of the election.”