The experiment showed that drive in a Tesla – torment

Эксперимент показал, что поездка на Tesla - мучение

Bloomberg journalist described his experience of the Euro tour by electric car

At the end of 2018 Elon Musk promised Tesla owners that will cover branded chargers Supercharger 100% of the territory of Europe. He especially didn’t believe: Tesla plans on opening charges are never executed in time. In Ukraine, charging the Tesla plan to start install but in the same Europe where they logically should be enough, a trip to Tesla — more a torment than a pleasure, showed the experiment of the Bloomberg correspondent, who rode in an electric car along route 715 miles (1150 km) from Paris to the German Mannheim and back passes

Remembering how much Tesla (about 130 thousand dollars), a correspondent draws attention to the fact that potential buyers of electric cars stop an acute shortage of chargers. According to a survey conducted by Ipsos Mori, 41% of Germans and 36% of the French fear that won’t charge your car.

Mary Mavad concluded a four-day trip on the French roads, but acknowledges that almost 13% of the time she had to spend to charge your electric car. And this is without including time for unsuccessful attempts to find a charging station. Also the reporter complains that Tesla posted his Supercharger in the first place in the luxury hotels.

And one day, being charged for one filling, it is estimated that she will go 225 km. She was worried that her car until the next paragraph may simply not make it, so I decided to fill up to full, which took her almost half an hour.