The ex-wife Depp told about the threats of violence

 Экс-жена Деппа рассказала об угрозах расправы

Hollywood actress amber heard, who divorced johnny Depp, accusing him of domestic violence talked about the threats of violence and career problems. According to her, these problems happened after the divorce. About it writes Digital Spy.

“I write this as a woman who had weekly to change the phone number because I was threatened with murder. Months I barely left the house. When I went, I was haunted by drones with cameras and photographers,” said Hurd.

She also noted that friends warned her about possible problems in his career after parting with her husband, reports.

So, she lost the role in the film and fashion brand, a person that she was, broke her contract. The brand name amber heard did not call.

According to the actress, the topic of domestic violence to affect open to women is fraught with serious consequences.