The evolution of Audrey Tautou: from Amelie to the image of Coco Chanel

The evolution of Audrey Tautou: from Amelie to the image of Coco Chanel
The evolution of Audrey Tautou: from Amelie to the image of Coco Chanel
On August 9 Audrey Tautou was 42 years old. The actress is a real Frenchwoman: graceful, fragile, with protruding collarbones and huge brown eyes, short-cropped, elegant, but direct and a bit like a tomboy, funny and touching at the same time. It seems that since the release of the film “Amelie” (by the way, it’s been 17 years), which brought her world fame and nominations for “Cesar” and “Golden Globe”, Audrey has not changed at all. In endless interviews, she now always has to answer the question, what is the secret of her unswerving beauty. “The most important thing is to love yourself and make natural make-up,” the actress states. However, the star occasionally, but experimented with hairstyles and makeup. Editorial SPLETNIK.RU followed the beauty evolution of Audrey Tautou.

Career Audrey Tautou began with filming on television in small roles in the series “Cordier – the guardians of order”, as well as the films “Heart of the target” and “Truth is a terrible flaw”. In 1998, the French channel “Channel +” even called the young star the most promising young actress of French cinema. Audrey confirmed her title the following year, when she played her first notable role in the Tony Marchal film Beauty Salon Venus, receiving the Cesar award, and according to rumors, Audrey did not have time to cast and so wept bitterly that the director drew a girl attention and approved for the role of Marie for sincerity.

Amelie in the eponymous film was supposed to be played by Englishwoman Emily Watson. They say that even the script was written for it. But at the last moment the actress refused to work.

Directed by Jean-Pierre Zhenet already watched 20 artists, but none came up to the image he had conceived until on the street he saw a poster for the painting “The Beauty Salon” Venus “, on which was an” elf with big eyes and braids. “The director there was no doubt who would play his Amelie.

For a long time Totu went with long hair, but in 2006 she unexpectedly parted with chic ringlets and made a mischievous pixy.

I had a haircut that made me look like a curly football player, but only from the 80’s. And I also had a very, very, very short bang, such, in the Spanish style. Yes, it looked terrible. And in general, I hate going to the hairdresser.
The star does not like complicated laying and sometimes even does without the services of stylists before going out on the red carpet. She only regularly visits her hairdresser, Fred Vandenbant, who never changes. It was he who has been responsible for his hair for more than ten years. They met on the set of the picture “Long engagement”, where Fred laid the curls of the actress (he also worked on the hairdo Audrey in “Coco before Chanel”).

After the release of the film “Amelie” in 2001, thousands of girls around the world decided to trim a bang and made a bean. On someone else, except Audrey, perhaps, this haircut would not look romantic, but comical, but she acted insanely.

Expressive cheekbones, a fresh blush on the cheeks, sensual lips, twirled eyelashes – this is the perfect makeup of the star. No purple matte lipsticks, false eyelashes, like Nika Minage’s, eyebrow-width and contouring, as you yourself know whom. The main motto is naturalness. Audrey often tried on images in which oriental motifs were present: the actress repeatedly appeared on red carpet in bright kimono, painted long arrows and painted her lips with scarlet lipstick.

Totu has beautiful skin. No matter how the paparazzi tried to catch the actress in a bad light, even in a photo without make-up, she looks fresh and young. The secret is that it never overloads the skin with dense tonal means, but uses a light friable powder. And he also says: “We must learn to understand that even small defects can become your undeniable virtues.”

For someone, the figure of Audrey Tautou seems ideal (with a height of 160 cm, it weighs only 47 kilograms), but the actress herself wants to get better. She often confessed that she did not like her thin legs, and called them matches.

The actress drinks fresh – carrot, beetroot, orange, apple, walking with friends, can afford a glass of wine or a mug of beer.

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