The eldest son of the Beckhams showed the audience his new girlfriend a model (PHOTOS)

Старший сын Бекхэмов показал публике свою новую девушку-модель (ФОТО)

The eldest son of David and Victoria Beckham confirmed that his new novel, appearing in public with his new girlfriend. On held in London the awards ceremony of the British Fashion Awards, the 19-year-old Brooklyn Beckham was accompanied by 21-year-old model Hannah Cross.

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Старший сын Бекхэмов показал публике свою новую девушку-модель (ФОТО)

They’ve been Dating for a while. And, as noted by the British press, the relationship is quite serious, as Brooklyn has already presented the Khan with parents. David and Victoria also attended the British Fashion Awards. Previously Brooklyn and his girlfriend visited a few more events with Mr and Mrs Beckham — including the party’s Haig Club.

Previously Brooklyn Beckham met with the American actress and model Chloe grace Moretz (“Hugo”, “Dark shadows”). They broke up eight months ago. Recently 21-year-old Moretz seen in Malibu passionately kissing Playboy model Kate Harrison. They already live together. Apparently, after breaking up with Beckham Chloe grief moved in lesbians.