The Edelweiss Foundation has fulfilled the dreams of the people of Moldova

 Фонд "Эдельвейс" исполнил мечты жителей Молдовы

At the end of the year it is accepted to sum up. The Foundation Vlad Plahotniuc “Edelweiss” I decided to do it with friends. In the National Palace of them gathered almost two thousand – those who are able to give joy and faith in life, and those who returned dreams and hopes.

Opened the concert Amelia Uzun and Anna Chernikova.When the tree is lit the holiday lights, on stage, played Christmas carols. “Every year we have more and more. The more people we help. More partners, more people with a huge heart, that we, the team of the Foundation, Mr. Vlad Plahotniuc called friends,” said Executive Director of “Edelweiss Lydia Kukosh.Fairy surprises was Andrea Marin. She told some stories that touched the guests deeply. One of them was about the family Constandache Largoza from the village of Cantemir district. Adoptive parents of three sisters of the Edelweiss team has done in this festive evening the first surprise.”A check for one hundred thousand lei, so you can buy furniture for your girls. Dresses that look like they are in celebration of these beauties, toys and school supplies.”Today the sisters are surrounded by warmth and care, but some time ago, the fate did not Bode well for the three girls abandoned by their mother.”He had left the children a pot of corn flour, half a bucket of water and a jar of jam. This lasted them a week. Girls we have three years and none of them never asked. With their appearance in our house was added to the temple, and we are happy with them”, – said the resident of the village Larguta Sofia Costandachi.Ignat Sandulescu Kruglik village of Criuleni district even could not imagine that his century will congratulate two thousand people.Grandfather Ignat wished everyone longevity and well-being.”Live long, be healthy, not get sick, and that the trouble had left you out,” said Grandfather Ignat.But 13-year-old Bogdan Rosca of Forty this evening fulfilled his desire. The young musician got a brand new trombone and played with the orchestra of Santa clauses. Is a brand new trombone. Team “Edelweiss” had it specially made for you. To you pleased, and you could learn more. Thank you so much! – How much joy on his face! Even say nothing else.Two years Bogdan will receive a monthly stipend of two thousand lei for teaching at the city music school.”You did what others do for their own children. You have found a nugget and opened a path to the future.”But for 13-year-old Andrea Rusu from the village of Selemet fulfilled a dream.”My biggest dream is to have my own room. Now we all live in one. In the morning it is especially hard to change falls in the kitchen”, said a resident of the Forty-Andrei Rusu.Andrew had to grow up early. Two months ago, cancer took her mom, and in the care of a teenager was left with two younger sisters. Dad has to work and all the housework fell on the shoulders of Andrea. “Cooking my mother taught me. When she got sick, I… I’m Sorry.”The story of Andrei Rusu evoked genuine sympathy from across the hall. A gift of “Edelweiss” Foundation exceeded all expectations. – What is it? Key. – It is clear that the key, but what does it open?– I’ll tell you what it opens. Let’s look at the screen.– This is your new home.”This is a house with a farm in 19 acres. There are livestock and poultry. The house has four rooms and a kitchen, where you will find delicious food.””This house is the beginning of a new life. The house in which I hope you’ll invite to a housewarming party and my colleagues from “Edelweiss” Foundation, – the founder of Edelweiss Foundation Vlad plahotniuc.- I can’t believe this is our house!- I have no words. Thank you! A great big thank you! “Even in the hardest moments of life we need to keep hoping, to believe and to fight. I’m here to give you a little joy, a glimmer of hope. I’m going to do it until then while I have this opportunity,” – said Vlad plahotniuc.The cost of the house – half a million lei. The Edelweiss Foundation made sure that it had everything you needed, and also prepared gifts for each of the three sisters. – Ionel know that you wanted to read the book “the Three Musketeers”. Of course, you will master in two days, so I decided an extra gift – a complete collection of Harry Potter adapted to your age. Andrea, you have a difficult mission: you’re the eldest and should take care of the sisters. Noticed that you have a very old computer and decided to give a new one to make it easier to do homework.Evening exciting life stories made ode to the “Edelweiss”Foundation.Was crowned with a gala evening performance by the Romanian artist Horia Strum and his group.The Foundation Vlad Plahotniuc’s “Edelweiss” was created eight years ago. Since then, the help received from him 427 709 people.