The economist on the increase of gas prices for IMF loan: from the pockets of Ukrainians pulled out the last money

Экономист о повышении цены на газ ради кредита МВФ: из карманов украинцев вытянут последние деньги

The increase in gas prices in Ukraine in the framework of IMF loan program is contrary to trends in the global gas markets. In addition, what would the experts did not mention the phrase “market price” market price of gas there is no country in the world. But the IMF uses these terms to deprive the Ukrainians of all the savings.

This commentary, ГолосUA economist said Vsevolod Stepanyuk.

“Despite the fall in world prices for the same gas, we somehow need to raise prices from April, respectively, to increase prices to other utilities. IMF says market prices for gas, knowing that market prices for gas in Ukraine is not and can not be pure and in the world market prices for gas and never happens. The price of gas pegged to the price of oil, and oil prices dropped in the last three months by 25%. Indeed, the IMF demands the implementation of the decision of the Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman, which he signed few years ago and where he has undertaken: domestic price will be determined by the formula “external price plus transit.” So it’s all kind of beautiful words in order to explain to people why they need to pay even more”, – says the economist.

According to V. Stepaniuc, the increase in gas prices in a deal with the IMF aimed at reducing the purchasing power of the Ukrainians.

“And the reason why this is happening, that is, rising gas prices and reduced social expenditures, this reduction in actual purchasing power. After all, in the hands of the people of Ukraine enough currency. Therefore, the purpose of the IMF is to withdraw cash currency from the population, force them to go to banks to take loans and thus to make people completely dependent on the financial sector. Now, fortunately, Ukrainians have not yet become dependent on the financial sector of the country. Therefore, these squeezing money out of Ukrainians is the only goal of the IMF, which he pursues to date in Ukraine.

Recall, the new 14-month program of lending by the International monetary Fund to Ukraine stand-by arrangement provides for the allocation of three tranches, including two for a total of $2.6 billion before the end of 2019. This is stated in its latest analytical report of the IMF, the text of which Agency UKRINFORM. In particular, in the schedule views planned implementation by Ukraine of conditions of the program, after which the Executive Board of the Fund decides on the allocation of the next tranche, provided three dates.

18 December 2018 when a new stand-by program for Ukraine was approved by the Board decision to allocate $1.4 billion as the first tranche.

The release of the second and third loans under the program are provided after the completion of the views of the IMF, scheduled respectively on may 15 and November 15, 2019 ODA. The amount of tranches equivalent – $ 1.3 billion.

18 Dec 2018 the Board of Directors of IMF approved a new financing program for Ukraine at 3.9 billion dollars. Kyiv received the first tranche of 1.4 billion dollars in three days.

At the end of April 2014, the IMF approved a loan programme for Ukraine of 17.01 billion dollars, and in the beginning of may provided the first tranche loan stand by in the amount of 3.19 billion dollars.

In October 2018 Ukraine and the IMF agreed on a new stand-by arrangement in the amount of 3.9 billion dollars, the first tranche Ukraine received in late December.