The EBRD has decided on a new strategy towards Ukraine

ЕБРР определился с новой стратегией в отношении Украины

The Board of Directors of the European Bank for reconstruction and development approved a new strategy for Ukraine, which specified the priorities of the Bank’s activities in the country for the next five years.

About it reports a press-service of the Bank.

The Bank will pay special attention to the projects in which investments will be combined with reforms in such areas as privatization, energy security and efficiency, the financial sector, trade and infrastructure.

Operational and strategic priorities of the EBRD in Ukraine can be grouped into the following main groups: promotion of privatization and commercialization in the public sector with the aim of increasing the competitiveness and management efficiency: the Bank will help to stimulate private sector participation in all sectors and further commercialization of the public sector companies.

The Bank will also continue to support the introduction of modern approaches to procurement in the public sector and effective governance.

The Bank also will promote the rule of law and fair competition in the private sector and support companies that use best practices: the Bank will support competition and fight corruption.

Special attention will be paid to improving skills and readiness for employment among groups that are in less favourable conditions.

Priorities include strengthening energy security through effective regulation, market liberalization, diversifying and increasing production and energy efficiency: the Bank will devote more resources to creating sustainable energy market and increase energy ties.

The Bank will also help in increasing resource efficiency and increasing the use of energy from renewable sources.

In addition, in order to increase Bank stability of the financial system by strengthening the Ukrainian banking sector, development of capital markets and non-Bank financing: the EBRD will promote a stable and efficient banking sector, an increase in the diversity of non-Bank financial channels and their use.

New medium-term strategy supersedes packages crisis response, which were implemented in Ukraine in 2014, given the volatility of its political and macroeconomic environment.

Also, recall that on 7 October, in relation to the head of the European Bank and development Suma Chakrabarti launched an investigation because data collection on shareholders.

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