The drunk station worker stole a car and picked up the cops on the ears

Пьяный работник СТО угнал авто и поднял копов на уши

In the Central district of the Ukrainian capital there was a very disturbing incident. So, on Solomenka an employee of one of the Kiev station in the state of alcoholic intoxication stole a car from the box and made “catch-up” with police.

This became known thanks to the message of the Metropolitan media, writes Know.

A patrol noticed a car, which strangely moved down the road about 02.45 night.

According to journalists, the police patrolled the streets of Smila and saw on the roadway Mercedes “EuroBLECH” who rode the “snake”. The cops gave the driver a sign, so he stopped the car, but that, in turn, picked up speed and tried to escape from police.

After a couple minutes of a pursuit, law enforcement was able to overtake the wagon and block the road, resulting in the man still stayed. The rider in possession of documents. But I found out that he was a station worker, which is opposite Volyn wholesale markets, where Mercedes stood down for maintenance. The attacker had signs of intoxication: slurred speech, sudden breath and uneven walking. But to test for dragør he refused.

In the end, it turned out that the man stole the car out of the box and went “adventuring”. If he hadn’t noticed the patrol, the theft became known only the next day.