The dollar in capital exchange offices has decreased by almost 14 cents

Курс доллара в столичных обменниках понизился почти на 14 копеек

On Wednesday, the selling rate of cash dollar in exchange offices of the Kiev banks as of 9:30 decreased compared to 22 January by 13.87 27,9558 kopecks to UAH/USD, buying rate – by 13.21 27,6370 kopecks to UAH/USD.

It is reported

The average rate of buying the Euro fell by 15.6 kopecks. to 31,2915 UAH/EUR, the selling rate declined by 13.17 31,8545 kopecks to UAH/EUR.

We will remind, in the beginning of the week the exchange rate in Metropolitan exchangers “collapsed”. On Tuesday, the selling rate of the Euro fell by almost 5 cents.