The doctors gave the baby “medicine”, which took away his underpants

Врачи вкололи ребёнку «лекарство», которое сожгло ему трусы

In Kiev, the ambulance arrived on the call due to high temperature in a child, he was injected with an unknown substance, with the result that he formed the burns and even burnt briefs, writes lifter.

This was written on Facebook by his mother Lily, Subotenko: “All night could not bring down the temperature of a child, an ambulance was called at 103. Arrived brigade of 3 people, a doctor and two nurses. The doctor examined the child, diagnosed tonsillitis, prescribed treatment and asked the nurse to give an injection of analgin with Dimedrol and drotaverine.

Waking up in the morning, I was in shock! As you can see, this blight, underwear, even burned out after everything was anointed with the skin. Now understand, to punish of Neuquen in a white robe, which was injected in the wrong area of the shot and give the child a burn.

Phoned the hot line, I froze beautifully, said, “we understand, and if you want, write a statement to the court.”

On the letterhead of the assignments do not contain the name of the doctor, all I found out is the number of teams that we are “saved”.


The post women accompanied by a truly shocking photos:

Врачи вкололи ребёнку «лекарство», которое сожгло ему трусы

Врачи вкололи ребёнку «лекарство», которое сожгло ему трусы

Врачи вкололи ребёнку «лекарство», которое сожгло ему трусы

Soon the initial post was blocked — probably because of candid photos. Subotenko wrote:

“My dear friends! My post locked today, many of the doctors brazenly justified the medical workers who did my son burn! Offered to remove the post and all the photos!

But that won’t stop me!”

Lily declares that it will punish physicians who burns her child.