The doctor told me when it is better to choose the time to strengthen the immune system

Врач рассказал, когда лучше выбрать время для укрепления иммунитета

If one wants to reduce the risk of colds in winter, another summer to begin to strengthen the immune system.

This commentary, ГолосUA said the doctor, leading expert in otolaryngology in Kyiv, honoured doctor of Ukraine Bogdan Biel.

“The immune system needs to be strengthened since the summer. This process takes time. This is pretty trivial rules, which are mentioned repeatedly: should be exercise, sports, nutrition, less alcohol, since alcohol depresses the immune system,” says the doctor.

However, he noted that sports can be enjoyed in winter, but this does not mean that the body’s resistance to viral diseases will increase dramatically and you will be ready to withstand the cold.

“I see no way to strengthen immunity in the winter, to start doing it later in the winter,” said B. Biel.

Earlier in Chernigov died of influenza pregnant woman. It was also reported that Since the beginning of this year, five Ukrainians died from complications caused by flu virus type A. this was reported by the press service of the Centre for public health, Ministry of health.

Total in Ukraine since the beginning of this season, from October 2018, died from influenza 13.

“From 1 October 2018 to 6 January 2019 registered in Ukraine 2439032 human cases of influenza and SARS. To date, the epidemic parahiraciini in two regions: Kyiv (2.8%) and Zhytomyr (7%). In Ukraine the incidence of 17.6% less than the epidemic threshold”, – stated in the message.