The doctor gave tips on first aid in case of hypothermia

Врач дал советы по первой помощи  при переохлаждении

Hypothermia comes on suddenly and can bring a lot of troubles, because it is so important to take the right steps.

The correspondent of ГолосUA the doctor told Victoria Savitskaya.

“If you noticed that frostbite the skin of the hands or face, in any case do not RUB it with snow, as advised by some “experts”. It will only worsen the condition of the skin and damage the blood vessels.

First thing, try to quickly go to a warm room. But do not try to climb into a hot tub or warm your hands under warm water. Change into warm dry clothes made of natural fabrics and drink something warm. But in any case, not alcohol! Hot tea better with sugar or cocoa. It will warm you from the inside. And then you can wash with warm water or climb into the tub is only warm, not hot, so as not to cause problems with the heart,” says the doctor.

The doctor also reminds that even if you think that the street is not cold, freezing can’t go out without a hat, gloves, and mittens are better, and the neck and chest have to cover up warm chunky scarf.