The doctor: Depression or lethargy can be caused by liver disease or thyroid

Врач: Депрессия или апатия может быть вызвана болезнью печени или щитовидки

The so-called “autumn depression” is familiar to many. Depressed due to cloudy weather, the reluctance to get out of bed, sleepy – understandable phenomenon, which, fortunately, are rapidly. But if the condition is regular – there is a reason to pass a comprehensive examination.

The correspondent of ГолосUA the doctor told Victoria Savitskaya.

What many have called a seasonal depression – in fact, the process of adaptation to new weather conditions, lack of sunlight and other seasonal factors. But if a depressed and apathetic state becoming the norm – it makes sense to talk about a real depression, experts say, but first is to pass a comprehensive examination by other specialists. Because depression often provoke serious diseases.

“Autumn “depression,” which continues from day to day, may indicate chronic disease of an organ, often the reason is the problems with the liver or digestive tract,” – said the expert.

The deterioration of psycho-emotional state of a person can provoke a malfunction of the thyroid gland, which is produced necessary for the life and maintain the natural balance of hormones. Because there is a sense now to visit endocrinologist.
“Depression can manifest as a side effect during intake of certain medications. Carefully read the instructions of the drugs you take and if there are similar side effects – check with your doctor, is it possible to change the medication to another” – told the expert.

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