The Deputy on the budget-2019: it has a small increase in the minimum pension

Депутат о бюджете-2019: в нем заложен маленький рост минимальной пенсии

In the budget-2019 laid a small increase in the minimum pension, which suggests that you need to do the second level of pension security.

Comments about this correspondent of ГолосUA reported by the MP Dmitry Belotserkovets.

“According to the budget-2019 the city less claims on decentralization than last year. They still are and will be issued in the form of edits. The representatives of the Association of cities of Ukraine in the city Parliament will apply, but they are really less than in the previous budget. As for the specifics, then, firstly, I feel certain IMF requirements. For example, the fact that we have reduced the budget deficit. It is felt that income still have a real growth forecast than in the current budget. Because we now see significant shortfalls, including due to the fact that there was a malformed forecast. In General, thanks once again to the Cabinet for the third year we get the budget in September, and I can at least sit and think about how to better and including it will help in further work on the budget Committee,” – said the Deputy.

According to Dmitry Belotserkovets, before that, as we all remember, the budget was shown at the end of December.

“As for shortcomings of this budget, this small increase in minimum pensions, but again, it still says that it is necessary to begin with the second level of pension provision and need to do a full normal reform, not what we do always (trying to reduce the deficit, but not reforming the system itself). In the end, the increase of pensions results in an even larger budget deficit,” he said.

Recall that the draft budget for 2019 is expected to increase social standards by 2%. This was announced by acting Minister of Finance Oksana Markarova.

“The draft budget not include the dollar. Macroeconomic indicators approved by the Cabinet of Ministers. The macroeconomic forecast, which was established in scenario number one we used as a base for budget planning. Figure social, that we put the minimum wage at around 4200 UAH, and, accordingly, growth of social standards + 2%. The budget is very conservative, at the same time meets all the priorities of the government,” said Markarov.

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