The defense Ministry published the Stalin’s order about the bombing of Berlin – news ZIK.UA

The Ministry of defense published documents from the collections of the Central archive. Among them – the order of Joseph Stalin about the bombing of Berlin.

This is stated on the website of the defense Ministry.

The published document is a copy of a handwritten order, which was written under the dictation of Stalin. The order was formed at 2:00 in the morning from 8 to 9 August 1941.

“To oblige 81 avalibs from 9 to 10 in one of the following days depending on weather conditions, to make a RAID on Berlin,” reads the order.

Міноборони РФ оприлюднило наказ Сталіна про бомбардування Берліна – новини ZIK.UA

A copy of the order of Joseph Stalin from August 1941

August 8, 1941, the Supreme commander of the forces of the Soviet army has appointed Joseph Stalin.

That day, Soviet troops were fighting at Smolensk, Belotserkovsky and Korostenska directions.

In addition, the defense Ministry has removed the secrecy from the number of orders, orders and award documents.

In particular, published a report which described the events of may 1, 1945, when the fighter over Berlin dropped the Soviet flag, testifying to the victory of the red army.

22 June 2017, the defense Ministry has published archival documents of the German-Soviet war. The documents contained the responses, district commanders, armies, commanders of divisions, which operated in the early days of the war, on 5 main questions, prepared by the military historical Department of the General staff of the Soviet Army.

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