The death of tourists in Lviv: the parents received a message from the son “from the dead”

Смерть туристов во Львове: родители получили сообщение от сына «с того света»

Disclosed details of the tragedy that ended the life of the Kiev tourists Anastasia Kovalchuk and Andrei Rasskazchikova in Lviv, reports ZAXID.NET.

In leased premises, located in the heart of the city, four tourists were about 21:00 on Thursday, January 10. After settlement of young people called the parents and said that they have everything in order, and went for a walk in the evening Lviv.

Back at the apartment, they decided that Egor and Maria would spend the night in the bedroom, which is closed (and saved them). Andrey and Nastya settled in the hallway. Tired Maria immediately fell asleep in his room. Egor and Andrew in turn went into the shower, and then went to their rooms.

Смерть туристов во Львове: родители получили сообщение от сына «с того света»

“Nastya decided to take a bath. Andrew sat on the couch and wanted to wait for the girl. Going to the bathroom, She turned off the faucet and began to fill the water. Obviously, at this time she became ill. She lost consciousness and fell. Because of the noise of the water Andrew might not have heard and continued to wait the girl in the room. At that time he was already bad,” said Olga Fedosova, a cousin of Andrew.

With her words, Andrew while waiting, I managed to dictate on a smart watch: “I’m not asleep, I’m unconscious, I have a cold and I feel bad, Wake me up…”.

“Andrew loved the technique and knew how to use it, so therefore tried to inform someone about the situation, but did not send a message. Fainted, obviously. On this record, the parents I read after the death of his son when he took his things,” says cousin.

Смерть туристов во Львове: родители получили сообщение от сына «с того света»

The next morning first woke up Egor. He knocked at the bathroom, where water flowed, but no one spoke. Realizing something was wrong, the guy with the spoon broke the door and saw the already cold body of Nastya. Then he ran to Andrew, who was lying on the couch, and realized that he was also dead. At that time Egor was bad. He ran to the bedroom and began to Wake Mary. The girl woke up but was very weak, fainted.

At the conclusion of physicians, Anastasia Kovalchuk and Andrei Storytellers died about 03:00-04:00 in the morning. Cause of death was carbon monoxide.