The daughter of an aide to Putin complained about the high cost of things in Russia

Дочь помощника Путина пожаловалась на дороговизну вещей в России

Daughter of press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov Elizabeth in an interview with Tatler explained why buying stuff in Europe, not in Russia.

How to write News, a fragment of the interview, the girl has published in his Instagram.

According to the Sand, the clothes are more expensive in Russia. And in Europe it is considered wrong if you bought the thing, paid parents, the girl explained. Lisa is ready for a long time to wear the same things, and did not “bother” about their exclusivity.

Elizabeth and her peers in Europe do not buy too expensive things, “as they have not managed to earn themselves”. Watch same girl is not for two reasons: first, they are expensive, and secondly, uncomfortable. Lisa also called on the Russian youth to follow the example of the youth of the Chechen Republic, as she “knows that this modesty and respect for elders.”

In General, according to Peskov’s daughter, she is ready to spend money on travel than on clothing, as the quality brands in recent years has improved, and experience remain for a long time.

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