The Czech President believes the situation around Huawei “trade war”

 Президент Чехии считает ситуацию вокруг Huawei "торговой войной"

Czech President Milos Zeman called a “trade war” the situation of Huawei company, accused one of the departments in the security threat and also said that he intends in April in Beijing to meet with the head of this company.

In mid-December last year, the head of nezapravlenny cybersecurity dušan navrátil was stated that, according to his Department, the products of Huawei and ZTE pose a security threat to the Republic. According to him, Chinese laws require working in the country’s private companies cooperation in intelligence. In connection with this statement, the Czech government instructed the relevant departments to analyze the risks associated with the use of computer software firms Huawei and ZTE. The test will cover about 160 leading institutions, firms and enterprises, both public and private, with whom it will work closely, NUKB,reports RIA Novosti.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Andrew Babish acknowledged that the statement of the head of NUCB for the government was totally unexpected and did not contain any evidence.

“The head of NUCB actually deceived the government, besides making its statement without prior consultation with the Cabinet. During his stay in China in April, I will try to calm the situation, including the wish to meet with the head of the company Huawei. In my opinion, we are talking about a normal battle computer companies a word about security are used, or are being abused by, as part of this trade war,” said Zeman, speaking on Thursday evening at TVBarrandov.

Speaking about the negative impact that has already had the statement of the head of NUCB on the relations between the Czech Republic and China, Zeman said that the Chinese side cancelled scheduled for the beginning of this year, the meeting of the intergovernmental Commission on economic cooperation without specifying a new date.”And I would agree that the leaders of the Commission from each side were Vice-premiers. Now it’s all postponed indefinitely, which affects the interests of at least 70 Czech firms, whose leaders were with me in November last year in China and participated in the Shanghai forum of entrepreneurs of both countries,” said Zeman.