The current election campaign will be held on the brink of a foul – analyst

Нынешняя избирательная кампания пройдет на грани фола – политолог

This campaign will take place on the brink of a foul, in particular, are very difficult to separate that line where campaigning and informing in the current media environment.

Comments about this correspondent of ГолосUA said political analyst Vadim Karasev.

“There are violations (in the election campaign – Ed.) violations of strife. The law is so written that not to campaign on the brink of a foul very hard. For example, how to campaign or not to campaign now, during the registration phase of the election campaign? And candidates, and prospective candidates participating in a political talk show and interview, conduct an active information policy, it is agitation or not. Same goes for journalists, support groups. Therefore, to divide the line where campaigning and informing is very difficult in the current media environment,” – said the analyst.

According to Karasev, because there is a field for imagination including by those who may accuse one candidate or another in the violation of electoral rights.

“But I’m not talking about different forms of bribery, which can also be encapsulated in various forms and methods. Some contracts with voters, assistance, or other means of bribery, which are also, in General, is on the verge of a foul. Although directly may not violate the law on financing election campaigns. The closer to the date of the ballot and when will the registration phase of the campaign and will begin a stage of the campaign, including in the form of a debate, we will see more brutal forms of campaigning such common phenomenon as a campaign on the verge of a foul”, – he said.

Recall from the beginning of the campaign on 31 December 2018 police have recorded 47 reports of possible violations of the electoral legislation.