The crash of the Boeing 707 in Iran: survived one person

Крушение Boeing 707 в Иране: выжил один человек

The flight engineer, who was on Board the victim on Monday, January 14, accident in Iran Boeing 707, only managed to get out alive from the plane.

It is reported TASS with reference to the Iranian news Agency Fars.

Clarifies that all on Board the plane had 16 people. Details of casualties were conflicting. The channel PressTV admits that the pilot crashed the plane probably survived. In turn, the IRNA news Agency reports that, according to preliminary data, as a result aviakatastrofe killing all aboard the aircraft people.

Recall, suffered a catastrophe, the aircraft operated by the airline Kyrgyzstan Airlines Kyrgyzstan. He collapsed when landing at the airport Fatah, located in the city of Karaj, province of Alborz, situated 40 km West of the capital Tehran.