The couple from Chisinau looking for missing son

 Супруги из Кишинева ищут без вести пропавшего сына

The couple from Chisinau looking for missing son. According to them, 37-year-old man left home two weeks ago and since then it nobody saw. Family can’t find a place. They called the police, put up posters on poles and even went to a fortune teller.

“The police are doing everything in order to trace the whereabouts of 37-year-old man”, said the press-Secretary of police of Chisinau Natalia the Way.

According to parents, that day Andrew announced he was leaving to friends. Later they found left on the table keys, reports canal3.

– Gave the wash bed linen, made the bed and left. It was neither 11, nor 12, nor in the morning.- Did you call him? He has no mobile phone. He was strongly against. In his computer all files have been deleted. There was a picture. It seemed to me, the viaduct on Botany, said the father of the missing ion Kukosh.

The father of the missing said that he did not notice anything suspicious in the behavior of the son.

“Depression is not noticed. He was the same as always. Maybe not too talkative. A little nervous,” said the father of the missing ion Kukosh.

According to parents, they called the woman and said that he had seen a similar man and he was drunk. It was a sign of hope that their son is alive.

Militiamen ask all who something knows about the whereabouts of the men, to contact 112.