The construction of the “barrier” in the Sahara ultimately destroy European immigration program – a European human rights

Строительство «заградительной стены» в Сахаре окончательно уничтожит европейскую иммиграционную программу – европейский правозащитник

In that case, if the European Union, with the mediation of the United States will erect in one of the regions of the Sahara desert “defensive wall” against Arab refugees, widely publicized in Germany and the program of EU migrants from the Middle East and North Africa will be destroyed completely.

A personal opinion expressed by the European expert in the field of international law, Knut Berg in comments to the correspondent of ГолосUA.

“For anybody not a secret that absolute majority of countries of the European Union today expressed opposition to the presence on its territory of illegal immigrants – said, in particular, he. – Construction of the “wall” will prove that a United Europe is no longer planning to deal with the issues of refugees.”

However, according to K. Berg, talking about the complete ban on entry to EU immigrants is premature.

“To create a “wall” will need a lot of time, money and political will”, – stated the analyst.

We will remind, on the eve of the US President Donald trump officially invited Spain to stop the flow of migrants through the construction of barrages in the Sahara region of Algeria and Morocco. Earlier, the head of the White House initiated a similar process on the us-Mexican border.

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