The Confessor militants “Stalin”: Donbas has exposed the true face of the FSB-ROC – video – news ZIK.UA

Russian Orthodox priest and Confessor of the Pro-Russian invaders in the Donbas “schemamonk Elias” on one of the activities of the militants croaked a strange song and caused ridicule in the network.

With the video of the speech of the priest unveiled a Twitter user under the name Dunlop Dueler.

Духівник бойовиків «Сталін»: На Донбасі викрили справжнє обличчя ФСБ-РПЦ, – відео – новини ZIK.UA

“The true face of the FSB-UOC: “do Not take us “damn dill”! – Know with whom you fight?, reads the caption to the video.

According to the “Peacemaker,” the spiritual father of the fighters hail from the Oryol region of Russia. The full name of the representative of the Russian Orthodox Church – Ilia Retinsky. In addition to performing the functions of a priest, he is also in the reconnaissance fighters “wolf”, appears under the call sign “Stalin.”

Watch the video: Confessor of the militants “Stalin” singing “about damned ukropiv”

“Possessed ” pop”, “the Whole point gundamseed Patriarchy”, “That’s an instance of, well, everything is wonderful and PVCu, and entourage, curiosities, simply,” write the users in social networks.

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